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Private medical insurance for SME’s combines quality with affordability.

  • Expect high quality health cover with great value for money for SME’s with 3-100 employees
  • Quality medical care at designated hospitalsand clinics around the U.K. for convenient and faster access locally
  • Offer your employees peace of mind for eligible consultations, surgical procedures, diagnostic tests and scans covered by your company’s health insurance plans.
  • Our health insurance brokers work with leading health insurers, for confidence in quality service when your staff need it.

Why Provide Company Private Medical Insurance ?

  • Improve company performance. When you look after your employees, they value you as an employer and are motivated to give their best to your company.
  • Faster diagnostics and treatment will help minimise disruption through sickness absence
  • Increase employee loyalty and morale
  • Your reputation for caring about employee welfare will help attract and retain talent

Benefits To Employees

  • Choice of modern hospitals and clinics with private rooms and facilities
  • High quality patient care through partnership with surgeons and specialists
  • Reduced waiting times for a wide range of treatments,consultations and tests
  • No limits on day and inpatient benefits
  • A choice of flexible options such as Dental and Optical cover, Therapies, Travel cover, Mental Wellbeing and many more.
  • Peace of mind their costs will be covered in full, e.g. cancer cover and associated specialist drugs not available on the NHS.

Also,in-patient health care costscsuch as:

  • Hospital accommodation and nursing care
  • Prescribed drugs and dressings
  • Operating theatre fees
  • Surgeon, physician and anaesthetist fees
  • Consultations, radiology, pathology
  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Oral surgery (non-dental)
  • Prosthesis
  • MRI/ CT /PET scans
  • NHS cash benefit: £100 per day/night
  • NHS cancer cash benefit: £300 per day/night
  • Parental accommodation

Quality Of Service

1. Commitment:

Our health care providers are leaders in the field, who demonstrate a commitment to high quality care provision, as well as being expert professionals, so you can be satisfied that your employees can expect the best level of service and care.

2. Equality Of Access

We recognise that your staff profiles are increasingly diverse, so our equal opportunities approach ensures access to services regardless of age, disability,race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

3. Easy Claim Systems

Making claims is simple. When your employee is referred by their GP for specialist treatment, they can call their designated Positive Health Insurance medical insurance broker for advice on 020 3869 4900 for their cover and guidance. All our insurers will authorise appropriate payments, so your staff can go ahead and get their treatment with minimum delay. For any further treatment, they simply call again for any further authorisation. Health care professionals invoice the insurance company directly, so your company and employees don’t have any stressful paper work to deal with

4. Expert Communication

Patients can expect all procedures to be fully explained to them, so they can make clear and fully informed decisions about their care. Patients receive around the clock care when admitted to private hospitals

5. Non-Claims-Related Policies

We understand concerns about cover based on your health insurance premium varying according to the number of claims you make. Positive Health Insurance shall aim to ensure that your premiums will not increase with the number of claims made by your company. Transparent fee structures mean you can plan your budgets with no nasty surprises.

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Positive Health Insurance enjoys close working relationships with some of the largest private health insurance providers and employee benefit intermediaries.


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